Our background

Born in 1987 and hailing from Latvia (an EU member-state/ formerly Latvian SSR within the now defunct USSR), coach Jula Jermakova began as a competitive rhythmics gymnast in her native Riga and rose to athletic prominence as National Junior Champion and Latvian National Junior Team Captain.

In 2012 Jula (Julia) began her practice as a US rhythmics coach under the auspices of Rhythmic Dreams of Needham, MA, one of the most reputed rhythmics academies in the North East.

Before relocating to Farmington, West Hartford area in 2014, Coach Jermakova became certified and licensed to train kids and adults in rhythmics by most accredited athletics organizations. Ms Jula now coaches groups of enraptured K12, teen and pre-teen gymnasts at her own space adjacent to Malibu Fitness located next to Farmington Sport Arena.